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Liz motors with GAP insurance policy

04 February 2013

Liz Perry from Somerset is motoring with confidence thanks to a GAP insurance policy she purchased from

Liz Perry saved 50% on her policy with

Liz Perry from Somerset, who was delighted with a GAP insurance policy from

The care home manager from Lympsham purchased the policy from the company after shopping around for the best value for money cover she could find.

The 43-year-old said: “I bought a second hand Mitsubishi Colt from a dealer in the area and was astonished when the garage offered me a GAP insurance policy costing £140 for three years of cover.

“I thought that I should be able to get a better quality product for much less money. After shopping around, I came across I found that their GAP insurance was extremely well priced and offered better quality cover.

“The policy would mean that in the event of my car being written off I would not be impacted by depreciation over the next few years and effectively get all of my money back. I actually ended up paying just £70 for cover I am very happy with – half of what I was quoted by the car dealership”

Fortunately, Liz hasn’t had to make a claim yet but she says having the policy gives her peace of mind.

She continued: “I spent a lot of money on the car so I would be devastated to lose the majority if my vehicle was involved in an accident. Having the security of GAP insurance means that my money is protected.

“The website was very straight forward and I was able to get a quote and my policy in place within a couple of minutes.

“I would definitely recommend the product to anyone because you never know when something might happen.”

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