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GAP Insurance Explained

What is GAP Insurance?

If your vehicle is declared a Total Loss (written off), either from accidental damage, fire or theft (damaged to the point that repair would cost more than what the car is actually worth) a GAP Insurance policy is designed to pay the difference between what your Fully Comprehensive Motor Insurance Company would pay out and the original purchase price paid for your vehicle, according to your purchase invoice or agreed value.

It is a well known fact that motor vehicles depreciate in value over time***. For a relatively small premium against the cost of your vehicle our GAP Insurance could protect you against that loss of value in the event your vehicle is written off, i.e. declared a Total Loss.

UK GAP Insurance Providers

We are 100% UK based GAP Insurance providers and never outsource any of our calls or telephony. We pride ourselves on striving to deliver the best customer service, which is why you will not have to join an automated queue when you contact our Administration Centre.

The team at have been arranging insurance solutions for over 30 years and because we sell our insurance purely online saving a lot of admin costs, we can pass on those savings to you. Find out more about us or get in contact for more information.

**See Policy Wording for full details.

***Based on Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi H/b 5d Zetec new price £18,740 value after 3 years £9,190. Depreciation in 3 years £9,950 - Glass's Guide June 2013.

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